In cases such as obesity, bulimia, anorexia, diabetes, endocrine disorders and other nutritional disturbances, the group of clinicians, specialists physicians, nutritionists, psychologists and philosophical coaches, will work in each case that may arise in a personalized and unique protocol.

Among the exclusive treatments the patient will count with custom-made diets, cardiological tests, personal trainer custom-made workout schemes, “ultrasound” and electrotherapy sessions and different types of massages such as: fat reducers, shape sculpters, lymphatic drainage and reflexology between others.

The proposed treatment will be accompanied with the use of cosmetic products selected in an individual way for each case.


Hernan Buslemen
Hernan Buslemen:

Workout Instructor and Personal Trainer (Graduated from CIMA, Year 2005)

Has 14 years dedicated to his body physical training, began bodybuilding in which he has participated in different high competition events, waking up a deeper interest in the search of a natural physical harmony. Then, he incorporate the Fitness achieving a union of two disciplines (bodybuilding and fitness) seeking for the ultimate body perfection. 

Being a professional in the field, he joined the staff of CMI Abasto in 2007 adding to his vast experience health concepts of Traditional Medicine and Practical Philosophy, applying it to the personalization of different treatments in conjunction with other professionals.